Magnolia Soap & bath - Extra Shot of Scent

Extra Shot of Smell Good!

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Enliven Your Day with an Added Burst of Fragrance

Bring a new level of freshness to your laundry routine with an optional extra shot of the scent of your choosing. Our products are proudly phthalate-free, ensuring you enjoy a wonderful aroma without any harsh additives.

The best part? We personally infuse your shower oil and laundry wash with the extra scent during production, so there's no need to worry about handling it separately. It's all done for you! (This means you won’t actually receive an extra shot of scent separately–it will already be expertly mixed into your laundry wash. Just like magic.)

***You will not receive shot of scent separately in a bottle, it will already be added to the product you're adding the shot into! (trust me, that's more work than you want to do!) 

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