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    Experience the perfect hands-on activity for all ages with our Signature Parties. Get ready to dive into the worlds of soap-making, candle pouring or bath bombs mixing in this one of a kind bubbling adventure!

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    Why wait for your order to be delivered when you can pick it up the same day at your local Magnolia Store. Order online for an in-store pickup! Note that in-store pickup do not apply on some items.

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  • DoorDash Delivery

    If you happen to live near a Magnolia Store, get your order delivered the same day directly to your door by Door-Dash. Note that Door Dash Delivery do not apply on some items.

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Customer Testimonials

Locally Handcrafted. Naturally Beautiful.

Discover the secret behind handmade soap! Every bar starts with a blend of natural oils and lye solution, resulting in a rich mixture of soap and glycerin.