About Us



Welcome to Magnolia Soap and Bath Co! I'm Magen, the founder and CEO of our company. Magnolia Soap and Bath Co was born out of my desire to find plant-based soap products for my daughter's sensitive skin in 2016. My journey led me to discover that most soaps are closer to detergents than traditional soap, and they often cause dryness and skin irritation.

At Magnolia Soap, we believe beauty doesn't have to come at the expense of your health. We use only domestically sourced, naturally grown ingredients in every recipe to give you the best experience. We're proud to have over 37 stores, with new ones opening every month. Each store is family-owned and operated, and we offer franchise opportunities.

Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to plant-based beauty with Magnolia Soap and Bath Co!

A Closer Look at The Soap Making Process

Discover the secret behind handmade soap! Every bar starts with a blend of natural oils and lye solution, resulting in a rich mixture of soap and glycerin. The difference? Our handmade soap retains the glycerin to nourish your skin with a luxurious blend of coconut, palm, Shea butter, and olive oils. No need for harsh chemicals or preservatives in our cold process soap - just smooth, skin-safe results every time. Don't be fooled by commercial soap companies, who strip their soap of glycerin to sell at a premium in other products. In its place, harsh chemicals like SLS and parabens are added, linked to skin irritation and cancer. Experience the pure, plant ingredients in every product made by Magnolia Soap - free from harmful additives and full of nourishing goodness for your skin.We will never waiver from that either!