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Bath Salts-Bombshell

Bath Salts-Bombshell

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Fitting for a queen, this soap takes you on an exquisite journey with every wash. The top notes of Macintosh Apple, Pineapple, Star Fruit and Coconut blow you away and the middle notes of Pink Orchid, Gardenia and Bamboo Leaves make you feel like royalty. Deep down lies a sensual bed of Amber, Whipped Vanilla and Patchouli creating a soap that exudes elegance while being plant based at the same time. Experience a soap fit for queens today!

Fragrance Notes: Passion Fruit, Peony, Vanilla Orchid

Nothing compares to bath salts when it comes to relaxation. Their great combination of pure natural ingredients and your favorite Magnolia scent can turn bath time into a truly luxurious experience. Not only are bath salts fantastic for relaxing tense muscles and calming the mind, but they also work as a natural detoxifier, helping to cleanse and purify your body from environmental pollutants. Give bath salts a try and you'll understand why so many people swear by them for stress relief, better skin health, and more.

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    • Locally
    • Plant-based
    • Phthalate-Free Fragrances
    • Domestically