Tanning Beds are Out. Liquid Gold is In.

Tanning Beds are Out. Liquid Gold is In.

Here are some facts about life:

Sunshine can cure any bad mood.
Pampering yourself is essential for mental health.
Everyone looks better tan.

What if we were to tell you that we had a bottle filled with all 3 of these “facts-of-life” just waiting for you? Sounds too good to be true – we get it. But it’s not. We actually have the magic that you need! Let us introduce you to our Liquid Gold Sunless Tanning Mousse. It is sunshine in a bottle. You’ll pamper yourself with it. And you’ll look oh-so-good after using it.

We don’t know how old you are. But if you’re 30 or older, surely you remember the old sunless tanning products from “back in the day.” They were streaky, orange, and smelly (are you laughing yet?). It was so embarrassing walking around with stripes all over your body. Growing up was hard enough. Braces, hormones all over the place, embarrassing hair cuts, and then we added orange streaks everywhere. That’s rough. You paid your dues. Now you deserve to move on to a non-streaking self-tanner that is so easy to apply you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! The title says it all- LIQUID GOLD. Trust us on this one.

The younger generation has it so much easier. They were born into a world where Magnolia Soap’s Liquid Gold was available to them as soon as they were interested in the world of self-tanners. They didn't have to endure the mess from the past! Those lucky souls!

Anyway, enough about the past. Let’s move on. We are walking into Summer (how  did that happen so fast?!) and no one wants to be “that girl” who blinds others with pale, winter legs. So take a beat and save yourself with this Sunless Tanning Mousse.

It’s simple:

Shower BEFORE you apply the self-tanner. You’ll want to shave your legs and exfoliate any part of your body that you are using this tanning mousse on. Exfoliation is key to a streak-free, long-lasting tan. You need to sluff off the loose, dead skin cells for maximum and even absorption.

After you dry off, grab our sunless tanning mitt. Pump this liquid gold onto the mitt and lightly sweep the self-tanner onto your body in circular motions. Don’t press hard – this is important. Just swirl it all over your gorgeous self – you got this. Make sure you use very sparingly around knuckles, knees, ankles, and elbows. You know, the bony joints. (This amazing elixir dries fast so you won't be walking on eggshells for the rest of the day. It doesn’t transfer to clothing, which is simply AMAZING. And BONUS! It’s non-tacky. So you don’t have to worry about feeling sticky all day.)

Anyway, back to the application part.

After you’ve smoothed it onto all of the parts of you that you want, you can leave it on for up to 8 hours. The longer it is left on, the deeper your tan will be. This liquid gold tanner will be working its magic without you needing to do anything. (If you don’t have 8 hours, you can rinse off after 3.)

Once you’re ready to shower, rinse off in lukewarm water and don’t use any soaps. Just relax while it washes away. Step out of the shower and pat yourself dry. Voila. You are transformed. Do you look like a goddess? You don’t have to answer that. We know you do.

Another AMAZING product that Magnolia Soap and Bath Co also has is whipped body butter. We recommend using that after you’ve rinsed your tanner off for ultra-hydration. The key to your tan lasting longer is keeping your skin hydrated and soft. So drink your water and use whipped body butter. Oh yeah, shower oil is a plus too. Magnolia Soap has everything you need to look (and smell) your best. We don’t know about you, but we love us some one-stop-shopping experiences!

Here’s another fact of life. It’s not as much fun as the previous facts but still a fact nonetheless. UVB and UVA rays are damaging to your skin. We all LOVE the sun. And as we said – sunshine really does make you happy. That’s a great thing. However, while you’re feeling happy you SHOULD be coated in sunscreen. Skin cancer is real and we need to make sure we are protected. Also worth mentioning, the sun causes wrinkles. I know, I know. That’s SUCH a bummer. We aren’t trying to be a buzz-kill here, but these are the truths. These rays damage the DNA in your skin cells. Ultraviolet A (UVA) is what causes wrinkles. It has a longer wavelength and leads to premature aging. Ultraviolet B (UVB) has a shorter wavelength but is responsible for sunburns. Sunburns are not fun and the radiation from those rays can cause skin cancer. Melanoma is NOT something to mess around with. Thank goodness for sunscreen, right? And while sunscreen is great for keeping cancer and wrinkles away, it doesn’t allow those deep tans to form that we all love so much.

But hellooo! SUNLESS TANNING MOUSSE TO THE RESCUE! You can literally use this stuff year-round.  People might not think they need it in the Summer but if you’re being vigilant about sunscreen, then yeah, you’ll still want this. The sunscreen is blocking the rays that give you darker skin. Therefore, you definitely need to overcompensate and treat-yo-self with this magic potion. You’ll be as tan as you want to be without causing premature wrinkles and/or skin cancer. That’s a win-win if we’ve ever heard one.

This sunless tanning product is violet-based. It works best on those with yellow-skin tones because the violet counteracts with the yellow (and orange as well!). What that means is it will deliver such a rich, luxurious, deep tan that will make anyone look as though they were born with olive skin. Are you imagining yourself in the Mediterranean right now? Because you’ll look like you’ve been there after using this. Fabulous, right? Now throw on a flowy dress and sandals and stand facing the wind so your hair and dress flow behind you. Your bronzed beautiful self is totally in vacation mode right now and you deserve to show it off. (Maybe that’s just how we are picturing you after you use this, but it’s a stunning image.) You’re lookin’ good, lady!

Not only is this stuff making you look like a goddess, but it’s vegan and paraben-free too! It has DHA in it, which is a shortened way of saying there is Dihydroxyacetone in there. Don’t be afraid of that big word. It’s actually good for you. This is one time you don’t have to say “no” to carbs! DHA is a simple carbohydrate and is a primary ingredient in sunless tanning products. It’s a nontoxic sugar that is colorless and is derived from sugar beets and/or sugar cane. It has a sweet-smelling odor to it since it’s from plants, and isn’t that what we all want? The sweeter the better!

So, ladies, if you’ve learned anything today, it should be that the sun is a bittersweet thing – it can damage your skin but lift your spirits tremendously. Spend time outside and fuel your soul but wear both sunscreen (to be safe), and Sunless Tanning Mousse (to feel confident). Summer is all about shorts and dresses that show off your legs, and T-shirts and tank tops that show off your arms. Pamper yourself with a formula that makes you feel your best! You’ll thank us later.

There is a reason we call this Liquid Gold. It is simply incredible. We cant wait to see how this transforms your gorgeous self! Go ahead, lady, you deserve it.

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