Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry. Wash it Instead.

Don’t Air Your Dirty Laundry. Wash it Instead.

Ahhh, laundry day. Cue the harp – release the butterflies. Are you imagining yourself floating around from cloud to cloud while you do your laundry? No. You’re not. Doing the laundry is not anyone’s fantasy (unless it is. Then we need to talk!). It never sounds pleasant. It’s a “to-do” that most of us don’t love. So if there is anything to make it more enticing we are all for it! If you guessed that Magnolia Soap and Bath Co is here to rock your world and make laundry day a hundred times better, you guessed right!

Now, we know you don’t think of whimsical music and flittering butterflies when you think of doing the laundry. But would you say you think of peonies or magnolias? Once again, not necessarily.
Not until now. We’ll stop asking you what you think of when you do laundry. We’re just trying to lighten the mood. Is it working? Stop thinking about spaghetti-stained t-shirts and smelly gym socks and instead, imagine yourself on a beach with a lemon drop in hand. Does that lighten the mood? What about conjuring up that warm fuzzy feeling of coming home? Magnolia Soap and Bath Co has gentle laundry soap with mesmerizing scents. Scents that will remind you of being in a garden full of all your favorite flowers, or walking into a spa where you’ll get some much-needed R&R. You don’t think laundry can transport you there? Think again, my friends. If you’re doing laundry, you need something to boost your mood. Take the monotonous task of sorting, loading, switching, and folding, and turn it into a mood-enhancing chore rather than a boring one. Scientists have done studies that show that smelling yummy scents is proven to boost our moods and alter our emotions more than any other one of our senses. If you had a scent growing up that you loved and you smell it again years later, you’ll have all sorts of wonderful memories come flooding back. The nostalgia is real. This is because the part of our brain that recognizes smells is also where memories and emotions are processed.

But (there’s always a ‘but’ right?) you must be careful when choosing products that are safe for your home. No matter WHAT product you’re using from most big-box stores, there are chemicals poured into them that are just plain bad for you. We don’t want to go into every product that is sold in stores and educate you on them. But we do want to focus on one product specifically: laundry detergent. This affects every single member of your family. Because every single person in your home wears clothes that have been washed. You sleep on sheets that have been laundered. You even curl up under blankets that have gone through the washing machine. And if your soaps are big brands that you can find anywhere, you’ve already run into some scary ingredients that could be damaging your internal organs right under your nose! So let’s dive in and talk about a gentle laundry soap that is safe for your home. If all that sounds like a load of hocus-pocus and you don’t believe that synthetic scents or regular detergents are scary, read on.

Safe laundry soap is so important to have in your laundry room! Ever heard of VOCs? They are Volatile Organic Compounds. And this isn’t the “organic” you want in your house. These compounds are industrial solvents and they are lurking in your regular laundry detergents. Ew. They are emitted as gasses and can be found in thousands of products – some right in your own home. ‘Volatile’ says it all – they are volatile to your health. Not just short-term, but long-term. Permanent DNA damage. Scary, right? Breathing in VOCs can cause all sorts of irritation. We’re talking runny noses, irritated eyes, nausea, shortness of breath, headaches, etc. The list goes on. And the worst-case scenario is that SOME (not all) VOCs cause cancer. They aren’t to be messed with.

If you’re washing clothes, don’t you want to use a gentle laundry soap that doesn’t hurt you? Even your central nervous system can be negatively affected along with your kidneys and liver. This is the scary truth. Nobody should have to walk around in clothes that could be causing problems-galore.

For example – baby skin is so soft and their bodies so precious and new. It’s hard to imagine their sweet selves swaddled in something that could unknowingly irritate them. Have you ever been with a baby that cried and cried and cried and you couldn’t figure out why? They can’t tell you. Did you ever think that maybe their clothes were irritating them? It could be a reason if you’re not choosing gentle laundry soap. But not only babies are to be considered. Any human should stay away from VOCs! All of that sounds rough – we know. But don’t get too discouraged. The beautiful thing about Magnolia’s safe laundry soap is that you don’t have to worry about what’s in it – it’s good for everyone. No Volatile Organic Compounds are hiding in this soap and it has NO harsh chemicals whatsoever.

By the way – did you pick up on the fact that our laundry mix is called “soap” and not “detergent?” We’re not just trying to sound trendy. There is actually a reason why we don’t want the word ‘detergent’ anywhere near us! Why? Because it’s harmful! Wait, what? Yeah, we know. Hard to believe. But unfortunately, it’s true. Traditional detergents (you know, the ones you buy EVERYWHERE) are chock full of toxins that wreak havoc on your body. You might wash your laundry and enjoy the pleasant scent after it’s dry. But what you’re not realizing is that you’re inhaling toxins and then putting those toxins right there on your skin. Detergents are full of yucky things that have been linked to eczema, headaches, allergic reactions, dizziness, and more. Frightening. Your body is a temple! So treat yo-self and get you some safe laundry soap that is detergent-free, plant-based, gentle, and won’t cause a slew of medical issues down the road.

But gentle, plant-based soap can’t thoroughly wash our clothes, right? WRONG! This stuff might be gentle and soft to the touch, but it knocks out stains like nobody’s business! Hey, Tide, look at our stains disappearing and eat your heart out! We have a safe laundry soap that ALSO cleans well. BUT WAIT! THERE’S MORE! What about fabric softeners? Let’s not go into details on that… but remember all that talk on VOCs? Yeah, fabric softener has those too (gasp!). But as you might have guessed, Magnolia Bath and Soap Co’s laundry soap replaces softener and dryer sheets! YOU DON’T NEED ‘EM! This stuff is a 3-for-1! How cool is that? And let’s not forget that it comes in scents that will make your heart go pitter-patter. Our scents are phthalates-free and there’s a plethora to choose from. Try Aqua Spa, Cactus Flower, 24K, Come Clean, Executive, Hometown, Kudzu, Legacy, Lemon Drop, Magnolia, Moonlight, Posh Peony, Serendipity, Steel Magnolia, Tiki Wiki, or Vanity. Or maybe scents just aren’t your thing. If that’s the case, we also offer an unscented soap. We are versatile and we know it. Woot, woot!

And unlike other stores that sell gentle laundry soap, Magnolia Soap and Bath protects your wallet’s feelings too.  All you need is 2 tablespoons per load. It sounds too good to be true – but it’s not! Just two! We sell 2 sizes of this laundry goodness and our larger size is 70 ounces. At just $39 a bottle, each load of laundry costs you LESS than a dollar. Cha-ching! You’re protecting your skin, organs (and bodies in general) WHILE saving money at the same time. That’s a total win-win! There’s a reason why this soap has a cult-like following; it’s a top seller in our stores. Simply put, people are IN LOVE with it! Go ahead and ask them. Or better yet, try it yourself!

Sweet-smelling, hard-working, safe, and gentle laundry soap DOES exist. And it’s only found at Magnolia Soap and Bath Company.

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