A New Way to Wash Your Hair That Will Change EVERYTHING

A New Way to Wash Your Hair That Will Change EVERYTHING

Wanna hit the bars? Not the bars you’re thinking of… Those bars bring laughter, sometimes dancing, and feelings of exuberance. The bars WE are talking about can do the same thing but differently. If you want to laugh and dance in the shower, be my guest. But yes. The bars we are looking at today are shampoo and conditioner bars. They belong in the shower. So sing away, my friends. But while you’re singing, you’ll also be treating your hair to something delicious. Say hello to the all-new shampoo and conditioner bars from Magnolia Soap and Bath Co. You heard us. BARS of shampoo and conditioner! 

These bars are easy to use and oh-so-good for your hair. Regular shampoos from ‘big-box- stores’ can actually strip your hair of its oils that help protect it. Then the ‘big-box-store’ conditioners come in and add synthetic oils back. Yikes. And the cycle continues. Strip, add, repeat. No wonder so many people have unhealthy hair! Their shampoos and conditioners are damaging their locks and they have no idea!

But don’t worry; Magnolia Soap and Bath Co is here to save the day. We’ve created healthy shampoo and conditioner bars to nourish your hair, while also embodying these ahhhh-mazing scents. And bonus – these bars don’t need plastic containers like other shampoo and conditioner bottles. They simply sit on a ledge in the shower to dry after use. So, we’re saving your hair and the planet one shower at a time!

These look like regular bars of soap (well, they’re way cuter but that’s beside the point). But you don’t use them on your body. Instead, your hair gets the experience. Take the bar of shampoo and move it across your roots in a circular motion. Then slide it down to the ends of your hair. Next massage it into an ultra-rich, soapy lather. Once your hair is thoroughly soaped up, you can rinse it with water. And just like that, it’s washed. (See? This is easy!)

The conditioner is just as simple to use and just as nourishing. After washing your hair with the shampoo bar, grab a small section of hair. Swipe the wet conditioner bar directly across the roots of your hair through to the tips. Grab another section and do the same thing. By applying the conditioner to sections of your hair one at a time, you’re making sure that all of it is coated so you get maximum benefits. As soon as every section is taken care of, gently massage your scalp. This will further help distribute the conditioner throughout your hair. Rinse with cool water, or skip the rinse entirely and keep it in as a deep conditioner– yes, it works. Voila! You just treated your hair to a day at the bar…er, a day with a bar. Either way, your hair will love you for it. 

But wait! Just when you think you’re finished, there’s more! (Totally not trying to sound like a used car salesman, but there are so many benefits to these shampoo and conditioner bars.) You can take pieces of your conditioner bar and put them into a spray bottle filled with water. Shake it up and evenly spray it onto your damp hair to use as a detangler. How amazing is that? A conditioner bar that can also double as an after-shower detangler? Genius!

And, FYI – every single shampoo and conditioner bar is effective and nourishing to ALL types of hair. Whether you have curly, straight, oily, dry, or textured hair, these will work for you! Talk about inclusive…

So now that you know how to use our Shampoo and Conditioner bars, let’s get to the good stuff. We’d like to introduce you to Elite, Dainty, Oatmeal & Honey, Dirty Hippie, Refresh, and Suits.

Let’s start with Elite. Elite has a woodsy, musky, yet sweet scent. It’s a unique and intoxicating unisex blend. You’ll pick up notes of amber, musk, oak, and a foresty scent mixed with a hint of lime and fresh green herbs. I mean, if you don’t feel elite when using this, we don’t know what to tell ya. (Spoiler – you’ll feel super posh, don’t worry.)

Next, we have Dainty:  A fruity, sweet, and flirty scent. Dainty will make you think of good times and sweet sunshine. A little bit of raspberry, coconut, vanilla bean, cotton candy, sugar, and caramel all swirled together. It’s like riding the Ferris wheel on a boardwalk during the Summer. What could be better?

Coming in hot is Oatmeal & Honey. This one is oh-so-sweet, nutty, and creamy. 

Oatmeal & Honey is as delightful as honey straight from the honeycomb and blended with sweet, roasted almonds. You’ll be spoiling your hair with a devilishly sweet treat. But calories don’t count, ‘cause there aren’t any in this elixir!

Rolling in next is Dirty Hippie. This musky, earthy, floral scent is anything BUT dirty. It’s exotic yet sophisticated. With a combination of earthy musk and spicy amber mixed with sweet florals, this distinct scent stands out. It’s an experience to remember. You might start swaying to the music in your soul after this one. Dirty Hippie is also infused with Argan Oil to help boost shine, and condition dry, frizzy, and/or textured hair. 

Next, if you want to feel refreshed, we have Refresh. Nothing makes you feel more invigorated than the crisp smell of peppermint! This herbal, minty scent is both stimulating and refreshing. It’s combined with Tea Tree Oil for that extra boost. It’s a great pick-me-up in the morning to get your day started. Or, you can wash the day’s grime out of your hair at night. With the scent of peppermint swirling around you, you’ll feel extra squeaky clean. 

Lastly, we have Suits. It’s bold with woodsy, citrus, and floral notes. Imagine yourself in a high-rise building looking like a boss in a sleek, tailored suit. You’ll feel that energy from this alluring concoction. Suits has citrusy oranges, neroli, and petitgrain mixed with patchouli, sweet jasmine, sandalwood, earthy musk, and woody pine. Talk about intoxicating.

With so many dynamic scents that these shampoo and conditioner bars embody, you better believe they are also nourishing for your mane. Each shampoo bar contains Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, and Red Raspberry Seed oil. Most people are familiar with Cocoa Butter for your skin. But it’s amazing for hair too! It hydrates and helps smooth and tame unruly hair. And Coconut oil is not only used for cooking! Derived from coconuts, it nurtures, strengthens, and adds softness to your hair. And finally, a small raspberry seed is squeezed to produce oil that contains high levels of Vitamin E. This vitamin is a shield that protects your hair from free radicals while also increasing elasticity. Who knew a tiny little berry could do such BIG things?

The conditioner bars are like a spa getaway for your head of hair. Not only do they have Cocoa Butter like the shampoo, but they also pack Jojoba oil and Olive oil in as well. Jojoba oil is extracted from a Jojoba shrub. These shrubs are found in the dry desert. But there is nothing dry about the oil they produce! It’s full of vitamins and minerals to moisturize and strengthen your hair. And Olive oil has been used on hair for ages because of all the wonderful benefits! (Literally, since ancient times.) Squeezed from olives, this oil helps your hair shine, feel oh-so-soft-and-smooth and adds body to it. Who knew?!

A shampoo and conditioner duo for curly hair, straight hair, oily, dry, or textured hair DOES exist. And we have it. Don’t be jealous though. Because now, you can have it too. Magnolia Soap and Company have these decadent bars in stores now. Pair your shampoo and conditioner bars with matching scents or mix and match. Either way, your hair will be basking in the delight of vitamins and nutrients coating it. Plus, your mood will be elevated because of the pleasurable scents you filled your nostrils with.

There is no better feeling in the world than treating your tresses to something that smells sinfully good but is wickedly healthy for you. Trust us on this one.

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